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The contents beyond this point belongs to FC2 SayMove's adult category.
FC2 SayMove! defines the adult category as follows.
Please read the following.Only click 'I agree' if you agree to the terms.

The contents beyond this point includes adult content, which may be inappropriate for minors. 'Adult' does not only mean 'pornography' but also means any content which could generally be considered to be inappropriate for people underage to watch. As such we prohibit people aged 17 or under from viewing any adult content.

There is no set guideline regarding categorising content, which means you (the user) must judge whether or not your content should belong to the adult category or not. You (the user) are fully and totally responsible and liable for any content posted. FC2 does not accept any responsibility for any content uploaded anywhere on this site. It is you (the user) who is obligated to judge whether or not your content should be categorised as "General" or "Adult". Oncea video clip has been uploaded in the adult area, it is considered to have some kind of adult contents.

If, in relation to any "general" content, we receive a complaint or report from another user(s), or we judge content you uploaded to be adult in nature, we may request that you reregister the content there. If you do not accept the request, we retain the right to move it to the adult category without your agreement. We have no oblgation to explain why we moved your contents, nor are we responsible for anything arising from our action.

Do you agree to the above terms?


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