• *No spamming to create links.
  • *No adult or otherwise grotesque videos allowed.
  • *No uploading for the purpose of harassment, infringement or other similar acts.

If you do anything malicious or suspicious, we may restrict your access,
warn the original video provider and/or disclose your IP to a third party concerned without advanced notice.

  • *No uploading shortened URLs from FLVURL. New!

Each distributor is responsible for removing inappropriate video clips. In order to avoid troubles, please do not hide a distributor's name.
We may take some action when malicious harassment is detected.


Upload Video


Upload from multiple URLs.

Sites currently supported for multiple simultaneous uploads::FC2 Video YouTube Dailymotion
*Create a new line for each URL.

After you enter a video page URL of a supported site,
it will be automatically analyzed and show a link to the registration page.

Supported Sites New!
FC2 Video YouTube Dailymotion
Restricted Sites: donogo Jokeroo

Video URL Registration Tryout

Please use the video test ID below for a registration tryout.

Register by FLVURL.

You can upload an FLVURL analyzed from the following analyzer sites.
Vid-DL FLVCD DL-Video KeepVid