• *No spamming to create links.
  • *No adult or otherwise grotesque videos allowed.
  • *No uploading for the purpose of harassment, infringement or other similar acts.

If you do anything malicious or suspicious, we may restrict your access,
warn the original video provider and/or disclose your IP to a third party concerned without advanced notice.

  • *No uploading shortened URLs from FLVURL. New!

Each distributor is responsible for removing inappropriate video clips. In order to avoid troubles, please do not hide a distributor's name.
We may take some action when malicious harassment is detected.

By uploading you have agreed to the FC2 SayMove! Terms of Use.
Please read the Terms of Use before uploading.

Upload Video


Upload from multiple URLs.

Sites currently supported for multiple simultaneous uploads::FC2 Video YouTube Dailymotion
*Create a new line for each URL.

After you enter a video page URL of a supported site,
it will be automatically analyzed and show a link to the registration page.

Supported Sites

dropshots.com New!
FC2 Video YouTube Dailymotion
videos.sapo.pt veoh.com
Restricted Sites: donogo Jokeroo BizHat.com wat.tv

Video URL Registration Tryout

Please use the video test ID below for a registration tryout.

Register by FLVURL.

You can upload an FLVURL analyzed from the following analyzer sites.
Vid-DL FLVCD DL-Video KeepVid